22 September 2017

I come from a land downunder...

Virgo 2017 - My look at the New Zealand 2017 elections. Who fits best with the NZ horoscope and what the vibe on voting day?

20 August 2017

Hello from the other side - of the eclipse

My Leo 2017 post suggests a new use of symbolism for the 'Great American Eclipse'of August 2017.

What does Regulus represent and what does it have to do with Trump?

This is thought to be the most watched event ever - what could that mean for the eclipse morphic field?

20 July 2017

What's she up to now?

My Cancer 2017 post looks at what leaders need to do in the UK after recent tragic events. the myth of Ceres provides clues.

7 June 2017

Gemini 2017 
My post tries to make sense of the sad events in the UK in Manchester and London and offers my thoughts on these important elections.

20 May 2017

39 - a magic number for the Macrons

My thoughts on the new French president - Emmanuel Macron, his leadership and his relationship with his wife, Brigitte.

19 April 2017

Going to hell in a handbasket?

Aries 2017 - this month has shown the aggressive side of Aries and several countries have been in the news - I look at 5 of these and their leaders as to how they might fight and defend themselves.

19 March 2017

Is it me you're looking for?

Pisces 2017 - My take on the Dutch elections

Does a country attract its leaders?