20 May 2019

Taurus 2019 - Hitting where it hurts - for climate change

Taurus 2019  discusses Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg - but do we need something more to help the earth?

20 April 2019

20 March 2019

Our daily addictions ... and for Christchurch

Pisces 2019 looks at how our daily addictions might be affecting the world. My heart goes out to the victims of the terrible attack in my hometown of Christchurch. 

19 February 2019

The misunderstood Aquarian

Aquarius 2019 post tells of the similarities between Germaine Greer, Greta Thunberg and Jordan Peterson. It touches on autism too.

20 January 2019

The Cloud-gatherer meets the Earth-shaker

Capricorn 2019 A new year with a dominant planetary pattern - here are a few ideas for using it! The Jupiter Neptune cycle explained.

21 December 2018

Jupiter in trouble in Paris

Sagittarius 2018Happy Birthday Emmanuel! Just before the solstice Macron is, of course, celebrating in a chateau! Perhaps one day of respite?

He's what Macron should be aware of! 

And Happy Solstice!

22 November 2018

Planets do #metoo too

Scorpio 2018 - a devastating month - my look at Brexit and the tragic fires in California.

What could we learn? It's not looking good so far.