20 December 2020

There's something in the air

Sagittarius 2020 - On the Solstice Jupiter and Saturn join forces in Aquarius in the Great Conjunction. A look at its meaning

30 October 2020

Who is Joe Biden?


Scorpio 2020 takes an astrological look at the character of a US presidential candidate.

22 October 2020

War, peace and food

Libra 2020 on why the World Food Programme winning the Nobel Peace Prize is perfect astrologically. 

22 September 2020

Anyone can be president - or can they?

Virgo 2020  Why have there been so many Aquarian presidents of the US - and why is Pisces important? An astrological analysis of the history and the upcoming candidates. And RIP the notorious RBG.

22 August 2020

We don't need another hero

Leo 2020  Why do we have statues? And what do they have to do with collective trauma?

5 July 2020

Happy Birthday NHS

Cancer 2020 The UK's National Health Service (NHS) turns 72 today - why is this important and what does it have to do with the Windrush generation? The World Health Organization also turned 72 this year. An astrological look at what this means.

20 June 2020

For George and the underdogs

Gemini 2020  - The astrology of the day that George Floyd was murdered and what it means