22 October 2018

Dangerous women to the rescue

My Libra 2018 post covers why women need to do inner work and be 'dangerous'.  With the support of men of course. It also gives some information on our workshop and lecture in Amsterdam on the topic. 26-28 Oct. Would love you to come!

22 September 2018

Rituals, plant wisdom and pain

Virgo 2018 - a reflection on the nature of Virgo and the relationship with Pisces. Are your rituals supporting you or making you more anxious? Is it time to examine them?

22 August 2018

It's too darn hot

Leo 2018

Its been a very hot Leo period here in the north. What's going on astrologically? Can we learn something from the goddess of climate - Ceres?

22 July 2018

Family and belonging

Cancer 2018 - We perhaps need to redefine family - the Cancer archetype offers some tips. What can you do to help?

14 May 2018

Lightning strikes the bull

Taurus 2018 - Uranus enters Taurus on May 15 2018 where with a bit of to-ing and fro-ing he will stay until 2025. How can we make use of this strange combination? Change is certainly on the agenda for all things Taurean. Financial systems, agriculture, textiles the police and the earth herself.

20 April 2018

World Punch up

Aries 2018 looks at why the approach in Syria from the US, the UK and France is on a hiding to nothing. Some advice for world leaders - and for you if you have been in conflict this month.

18 March 2018

Can Grief be good?

My Pisces 2018 posts looks at Neptunian themes on grief and sorrow. With so much of it around what can we do? Can astrology help?