22 July 2010

Bet your company uses some of these...

I've been following Lynne McTaggart's blog for a while and appreciate the issues she brings to light. Every now and then though she mentions something and I think - hmmm yes I should do something about that.
Her post "50 ways to leave crude oil" gives a list of things that use petroleum. I totally agree with Lynne that the oil spill problem cannot be entirely laid at BP's door. We need to take personal responsibity - we create the market. We need to grow up and stop blaming others and do something positive. So how many things on the list are around in your company?

With Saturn now in the sign of Libra we need to share responsibilty.

20 July 2010

Cancer ezine now online

The Cancer Ezine offers ideas for getting you and your staff more involved and excited about work!
Have a look: Cancer 2010 Ezine

Google the great
The Tea Party
Last chance to get something right 26th July!
And of course the World Cup

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7 July 2010

Welcome to juxta's blog

Well finally a blog for my company. I plan to give links to interesting things, comment on things astrological that can help businesses and give my views on business issues. I hope you will too.
If you want to ask me anything please do!