22 September 2011

Virgo zine is up just before the Equinox is upon us tomorrow. The 'Solution is in the Problem' is something I often say. Here I explain why in my series on  'What if astrology is true?" Health, psychopaths, and genes are all discussed along with a mention of Bruce Lipton and a BBC documentary.

Free half hour giving you a new perspective on finding a solution to a problem.

17 September 2011

Heading for critical years - what do leaders need?

On the 6th October, Blanca Vergara and Faye Cossar invite you to a dinner and meeting of minds. We will combine our perspectives on the future of leadership in an event we have called

Lead us into the Future

If you want to expand your insight in the future of business while enjoying dinner with us, please join us.

 Why this evening?

Today, many people are asking what is happening to the world. Where did it all go wrong? And what sort of leadership can fix it?

In this meeting, we offer you unorthodox ideas for tackling the future and for developing leadership skills in your organisation, by looking from a different viewpoint. The intention is two-fold

•To suggest ways of working towards a heart-centred economy

•To show the benefits astrology can offer in preparing for the future.

For whom?

The evening is designed for leaders who dare to think outside the box. If you are truly innovative and interested in models that generate radical business transformation, then this is an evening for you. If you work with leaders this will be relevant for you too.

Old wisdom in a new business suit

Astrology is centuries old but since the 17th century it has been less valued. However that is changing and Astrology is back in the universities. The division between ancient spiritual wisdom and science today is decreasing and companies can now benefit from these developments too.

Faye will share her knowledge of astrological cycles to define trends for the coming crucially important period. She will suggest authentic leadership styles, based on the horoscopes of both you and your company, that need to be adopted for success in the coming years.

Blanca is passionate about changing the way companies look at finance. She has a knack of helping you identify your passion and encouraging you to go for it. She is working towards a heart centred economy by offering you transformational solutions to today's problems.


16:00 coffee and registration

16:30 Opening by the chairman - Jeroen Brons, Strategy Manager, Shell Chemicals. We are delighted to have Jeroen as our chairman for the evening. Jeroen is constantly seeking new methods and insights in all areas of human development with a special passion for parenting and education, as well as storytelling, as a multifaceted tool for personal development, healing, teaching, energizing and leadership. Tonight he will assist Blanca and Faye in the pursuit of growing collective future oriented intelligence.

16:40 Faye Cossar - Riding trends with authentic leadership

The world is at a crossroads and we need to act. But first we need to understand what the undercurrents are. By knowing these themes, we can put our leadership skills to good use. These larger contexts shape what is possible and draw forth what is needed. How can we best coordinate personal leadership with the collective, and the human with the cosmic?

17:15 Blanca Vergara - Leadership is dead

Crisis, crisis, crisis is everywhere.

Layoffs, suicides, governments falling… what can we do to stop this snowball? New paradigms are needed, as is a break with the business dogma of infinite growth and profit at any expense. Most companies are struggling with the mismatch of the old paradigms and the undeniable reality. We need different questions, to lead us to different solutions. Blanca offers a new framework to deal with today's uncertainty and to achieve meaningful business success.

18:00 Cocktails and questions

Questions for the speakers, led by the chairman and discussion with the audience.

From 18:45 Dinner with the speakers and chairman

Practical Details

Date: Thursday 6th October 2011 from 4:30pm
Place: Lloyd’s Hotel, Amsterdam
Language: English
Price: all excl. BTW One person 200,- Euro
Two people ( 1 invoice) 350,- Euro
Three people ( 1 invoice) 450,- Euro

including dinner and drinks - reservation required

Reservation and Information:
Faye Cossar
T: 31 (0)20-620 62 44

Please feel free to pass this information on - in fact we would really appreciate it.

14 September 2011

Seasonal biology definitely not astrology - really?

In the past week or so I have come across references to the same data - ostensibly from the figures of the Office of National Statistics in the UK. The articles in both English and Dutch publications (often under women's pages) refer to the idea that birth month produces various careers. Apart from sloppy reporting where there are links given to the Office of Statistics with the original data nowhere to be seen, the only person questioned about this data seems to have been one Professor Russell Foster from Oxford University. Helpful links given here to the home page of Oxford University! They quote Prof Foster, a circadian neuroscientist, as saying "The effects are small but very, very clear. I am not going to give voice to astrology - but we are not immune to seasonal interference."

God forbid astrology might have something to say.

He of course says it's all about sunlight. He would - that's his speciality and who knows he may be right but I would need to see a scientific study done in north and south hemispheres to be convinced. But back to the reports.
Firstly everyone assumes that a birth month is the same as a star sign. Secondly it would be nice if astrologers were asked for a comment and especially if the Bureau of Statistics would answer their mail so we could comment on the actual report. I am trying to get the original data - anyone got it?  

Some of the details quoted were "According to researchers, a child born in December is more likely to become a dentist while someone whose birthday falls in January is more likely to become a debt collector. Those babies born in February are likely to turn their hand to painting, while March babies go on to become pilots."

Well all I can say is that they should try it with proper star signs. December January covers Capricorn  - dentists and debt-collectors fit perfectly - I bet they were at the end of December beginning of January. And fancy Pisces being painters! And end of March being pilots - could that be the daring Aries perhaps?

Wow this seasonal biology is really something - perhaps it needs promoting.
But it should be pointed out, says Douglas McMahon, from Vanderbilt University in a publication nature Neuroscience: "It's important to emphasize that, even though this (a report on seasonal disorders) sounds a bit like astrology, it is not: it's seasonal biology!"
Ok good glad that's clear.