22 December 2015

Dear European Union...

Dear European Union ... my advice to the EU on norms, values and strategies. I take a look at the EU chart and a few of its members.

Sagittarius 2015

20 November 2015

War, Carnage, Horror, a Dark day and something good

My post on power and powerlessness and the only things we can do in light of terrorists.

Scorpio 2015

21 August 2015

Are you being served?

Leo 2015

Balancing being you and serving others


the royals

and of course Cecil the Lion

19 July 2015

Greece is the word - but is it in or out?

Cancer 2015

Greece is the word

On democracy
Tsipras and Dylann Roof

and on being 21 or 41.

19 June 2015

Oh - how the mighty have fallen - but did you like it?

Gemini 2015 thoughts

John Kerry hits the road

Sepp Blatter falls from grace

But mainly - the danger of Filter Bubbles

20 May 2015

Greens, Genes and Generations

Taurus 2015 has been an interesting time. My thoughts on the British Royal Family patterns, the elections and rejoicing in spring!

19 April 2015

She who dares - or should it be he?

Aries this time is about daring, what we want and the gender equality issue.  

Jane Fonda and Madonna feature as does the Man Cage and she sheds!

Photo from theaustralian.com

20 March 2015

The last newsletter for this astro year mixes it up.

I hope you manged to catch a glimpse of the very special eclipse but now Happy Spring (or Autumn!)

A song title with text to match by Francis, who is a Capricorn. From radioparadise.com

19 February 2015

Accidents, ankles and evolution

The Aquarius 2015 E-zine looks at what might kick-start evolution for us personally. Do accidents play a role?

7 January 2015

Yes, I know, you want to know about 2015

So here is my take on it! Capricorn 2015

This image that is doing the rounds on Social media says it all! I can't find the originator.