27 January 2011

Astrological Painting Workshop

Being part of the CRAVE network, (women entrepreneurs in Amsterdam), gives the opportunity to get together with fun women and create something new. Daniella Rubinovitz and I (Faye) have done just that and we are running a workshop on March 24th at Daniella's Atelier in the Molenpad in Amsterdam.
In this painting workshop, the theme is discovering how our inner world and outer world come into contact with each other. Through fun and creative exploration, we can discover our own unique being through art.

I will use astrology to help us make the connection with the astrological symbolism in our personal horoscopes. (No astrological knowledge needed).

Daniella will lead the painting exercises on paper. Here we will draw and paint with both hands, stimulating especially the right side of our brain. We will then uncover what lies at the core of our inner and outer world! All exercises are great for beginners and experienced artists. The focus of these exercises is on creative fun in this non-performance environment.

Date: March 24th 7:30-10:30pm
Place: Atelier Molenpad
Price: 50,- materials included

Register with Daniella@daniellarubinoitz.com

More info: Daniella Faye

22 January 2011

My older rants

Just realised I had more stuff on my original blog "Shout at the TV" than I realised, so in case you are interested in any of the following you can take a look.
Tiger Woods
I hate Mum
The two leaders (Cameron and Clegg).

2 January 2011

Capricorn zine up - 5 resolutions for 2011

Capricorn is a time for goals and resolutions - here are my 5 for 2011 for you and your business plus a pre 2012 preparation guide.

January 4th is an interesting day.

Music in the Cafes was my catch phrase for advising D66 about Amsterdam in 2011. Good ol Bob!
Plus a link to a great video on Practical Wisdom from Barry Schwartz.