20 December 2013

Backwards to go Forwards

December - the time of year for reflection - not really for rushing around eating, drinking and buying too much! The Sagittarius zine is about taking some time out over the festive season. And finding patterns.

May you enjoy your festivities whatever they may be!

This wonderful photo is from National Geographic's site - it's by Nita Zeqiri

21 November 2013

What the world needs now is...

Trust sweet trust...
This month I talk about gaining trust in a world full of atrocities.

Scorpio energy is rife in the world - how can we make the most of it?

See the full Scorpio 2013 E-zine

20 October 2013

Peace - what does that even mean?

It's Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere - Libra - which is supposed to be about peace. So it is a good time for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded.

My Libra E-zine asks: Why not Malala?

And who are the OPCW?

And Nobel and his invention of dynamite!

22 September 2013

Nation Branding, Obama, Syria and Russia

During my morning coffee I mulled over a dream involving Obama and country culture.
The latest Virgo E-zine  - Dreams of Obama talks of:

- Syria
- Russia
- The US
- and nation branding.

This month there are lots of interesting links especially to TED Auckland videos.

21 August 2013

Facebook Slut

The Leo 2013 E-zine is up.  How does your online presence rate? Is it you? Or are you hiding?

This month I talk about this and I mention Prince William and Price George in passing.

What is your best side? 

Image from someecards.com - a great site for cards.

Homeless in Sheremetyevo

The Cancer 2013 E-zine  is about Edward Snowden as well as patriotism and measles!

What do you call home? 

Cartoon by Daryl Cagel at Cagle.com

20 June 2013

Peak Bullshit - Speak out!

The Gemini Ezine is up - and Gemini is about (amongst other things) speaking.

What we say matters I think. So this is my attempt to help create a positive future.

  • The Bullshit Peak
  • Speak out
  • Good things that are happening - let's face it we need to focus on that.

9 May 2013

So what's coming up?

Or what is rising?  The Taurus Ezine is about the ascendant - what's coming up on the Eastern horizon. But what does it all mean?  An example - the inauguration of our new king of the Netherlands!

29 April 2013

Branding the Bull

Amsterdam is getting ready for the party of a lifetime. And we are ready. Tulips everywhere and the red white and blue of our flag at every corner.

And then there is the Orange! Everything from cakes to hair is orange. The trams have the Dutch flag flying (for days now) and the boats have gold crowns. Yes - the house of Orange is providing us with a new King tomorrow.

At our last Strut Your Stuff meeting we decided that a new kingship must have a new logo! After all it will be like a new enterprise, a new company.

The inauguration of Willem-Alexander as King, together with his Queen, Maxima, has got astrologers waiting with bated breath to see what time he takes the oath. The walk to the church starts at 14:00 - I couldn't have picked a better time for it. It is the perfect time of year as Willem-Alexander is Taurus the bull, as is Maxima. We are in that lush green time of year.

But what will be the rising sign so we can brand him?  14:00 is perfect as the royal sign of Leo is rising in the East. I hope he walks quickly and talks fast!  He has 14 minutes to get that oath out. Otherwise, if we consider the oath to be the start of his reign, he will need to come across as being much less royal and more service-focussed. Hmm... maybe not too bad! Although there is still plenty of Taurus in the air.

Either way I hope he likes our logo. The Orange Lion is a Bull (Taurus). Referring to the Dutch Coat of Arms. 


19 April 2013

It's all about me! But who do you think I am?

The Aries E-zine fittingly perhaps is egocentric - all about me! I need your help as I am going to rebrand myself. I am always advising others to do this so I thought I better do it for me.  I am offering a reward ( read bribe?) if you fill in one of my questionnaires. I  really would appreciate it if you could take the time to answer some questions for me.

( I couldn't find the originator of the picture but thanks whoever you are.)

Will the New Pope win an Oscar?

I forgot to put up the link for the Pisces Ezine last month - seems fitting for chaotic Pisces. It is about Pope Francis - Will the new Pope win an Oscar?

It's about the links to St Francis and the challenges ahead. I must say that the Pope is living up to his horoscope rep. so far! Good for him.

Photo from Twitter @GaryLees23 The hashtag #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithPope.

27 February 2013

The Queen, The Pope and the Prince

It's been a strange month. Aquarius 2013 saw strange things in the sky and some abdications here on earth.

Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands will become king on April 30th - the photo here by Carina Dumasm suggests he will follow his mother's line. But will he?

This month's Ezine:

  • The Pope
  • Queen Beatrix
  • Vocation - are you following your true calling?

18 January 2013

January first in for a rocky ride

Many businesses and organisations begin on January 1st. But is this wise?
 The Capricorn Ezine 2013  is up!