28 September 2010

The Star of David - and of Ed

And while I am talking about Ed and David Miliband I want to add what I am currently learning about.  I  just attended a great Visual Astrology Conference in Santa Fe featuring the wonderful Bernadette Brady, whose mission it is to bring the stars back to astrology. She calls us planetologists as we only use planets. She was ably aided and abetted by Darrelyn Gunzberg and Darby Costello at this particular event.

I have always loved the stars as well as the planets and one technique I want to add to my work is something called Parans. In particular I am starting with parans to the Sun which I think has a lot to do with the calling of a person  (not to mention a company and a country).

Parans are a bit of a nightmare technically but basically what we look for are stars and planets that 'do things' together at four places. Rising or setting - ie on the horizon, or directly above or below you (a bit simplified this but you'll get the idea.) Suffice it to say that stars, like planets, are all imbued with particular meanings.

So I will just mention one for Ed.  When the Sun was setting on the day he was born, Arcturus was also setting. The short explanation of this given by Brady is " A pathfinder, to break new ground". He will have to do this.  I think a star tied to his Sun, means his vocation and work will have to encompass Acturus.  The longer explanation of Arcturus from Brady I find very fitting and hopeful - a star of "guarding, learning, teaching and leading. Protecting people as they embrace a new lifestyle. One who has the vision or the spirit to take the first step." ( Photo Uk Independent)

Even more interesting is to look at the star of David which is combined with the Sun and that is Procyon, a star in Canis Minor - the small dog! Procyon was directly under the Sun when the Sun was at its zenith.
The short explantion - "exceptionally talented but needing to diversify this talent" is interesting but the longer one is even more fascinating: "A quick rise but with no real substance, like fireworks - wonderful to watch but quickly fades." ( Photo BBC)

I am definitely going to study these parans in more depth. They seem to offer deeper insight being the backdrop of the heavens that we are born into. Perhaps being fixed we are stuck with them whereas we can negotiate a bit more with those wanderers -  the planets.

Brothers fight settled - surprise for the UK Labour Party?

After all the waiting I have talked about in the past - for a cabinet in Holland, a government in other countries, the economy to do something... we at least have an answer as to which of the brothers Miliband will rule the UK Labour party. David and Ed have been at it for sometime along with other contenders. But in what was a nailbiting finish, the thought-to-be-less-popular Ed won the day. At least I can now get clear who is who as I have always mixed them up.

Ed is the little brother, so it must have been a blow to big brother David, although he put on a good front. (Photo from BBC site).

Looking astrologically, it is interesting to see the difference. I haven't yet found birth times for them but their birth dates are common knowledge.

David is a Cancer, 15th July 1965, with a touch of Saturn ( he is ambitious and wants to have authority) and Neptune (creative and has a dream just as Obama does). Cancerians like to be part of something, they like to belong and are very patriotic so I think his embracing of Ed is genuine. He will be proud of the Miliband name even though it must have been a huge disappointment for his ambitions.

Ed on the other hand is a bit of a dark horse. A Capricorn, 24th December, 1969, so also ambitious and authoritative (fitting with Capricornian UK as does Nick Clegg!) However with an element of Pluto he has more passion, more drive to have influence and power and  more willpower than his big brother.
There is a part of him that fits the 'Red Ed' label.  Uranus, the rebel is strong in his chart, wanting fairness, change and a bit of a surprise. He has started well here.  But Capricorns are traditional and can be old school although he has it is him to create something new, exciting and practical.
He began his speech today by telling delegates: "I am ready to lead" and saying a new generation was in charge of Labour with "different attitudes, different ideas, different ways of doing politics". He's right.

Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn for the next few years, transforming all forms of government and traditional structures.  Ed is a man for the times. He will know about responsibility at the top. He will be prepared to go along with the tight measures needed.  What will be interesting, is to see how he negotiates his impatience for change. Can he use the element of surprise and innovation to his advantage? Are the Labour Party ready for him?

David as a Cancerian should maybe spend some time with his family or be given a 'home-country-family' portfolio.  Astrologically speaking I think the Labour Party have the right brother.

ps for more astrological comments see Liz Hathway's post.

26 September 2010

Juxta in a book!

A while ago I met a lot of great entreupreneurial women in Amsterdam during the launch of a new book CRAVE - the Urban Girls manifesto.

This is the first version in Amsterdam following CRAVE's success in other cities.

It's for you too guys.  A great present showing where to get all sorts of products and services. Or get one for yourself - you'll see them in many of Amsterdam's interesting shops or you can get one from me.

Juxtaposition is proud to be in the "Intelligentsia"- yes! - section in this first edition.

Virgo Ezine now online

Have you ever thought about whether you customer service matches what your customer wants?  A couple of examples in the US where creative chaos might have been preferable to efficient Virgo order.

Full Virgo E-zine