21 December 2014

The Moral of the Sydney Siege

The terrible story of the Sydney Siege in the Lindt cafe raises a lot of questions. Can we learn anything from this sad tale and make use of these critical times?
The Sagittarius monthly planet 2014 discusses this and some good things.

Happy Solstice - the light will be back in the North!

Flowers for the victims in Martin Place in Sydney - photo: mirror.co.uk

21 November 2014

The Bossy Universe

Scorpio Ezine 2014 

Helen Reddy and her tough life...

Why do we wait so long to do what we love?

Time to stop being pushed around.

20 October 2014

Compromise - Libra at its best?

The root of the word compromise comes from com - together and promittere - promise. So a joint promise. It sounds like marriage! All very Libran - our sign of the month.

The Libra Monthly Planet looks a whether it is time to solve an argument in the Netherlands - but will compromise work for the Sinterklaas debate? 

Photo by Ian Phillips - sun at mid-winter in Antarctica - light defeats dark!

22 September 2014

The Sins of the Fathers

The Virgo Ezine explores an astrological technique for the UK and for mass murderer Anders Breivik whose father has just published a book.

What do they have in common?

And what might it mean for the UK?
It is crunch time!

22 August 2014

The Lion, the Thunder God and Israel

The Leo Ezine discusses the birth of a nation, Israel. How does the background affect this country and what is happening now?

Photo of lion trying to sleep during a thunder storm from www.dailymail.co.uk by Hannes-Lochner 

22 July 2014

Trying to make sense of it

This has been a month to remember and try to forget. In the Cancer 2014 zine I  look at the sky messages from the last week to try and gain an understanding of what is happening.

- MH 17 and Gaza
- The World Cup
- What Women are doing

20 June 2014

Thinking about thinking

Gemini 2014 - This ezine covers how thought affects us. Being in Gemini time, I found too many interesting things, so there are links to various videos and podcasts on this topic. I look more closely at two of these: Dr David Hamilton and Gregg Braden.

Sudoku, plastic brains and Mercury!

Sudoku by juliaofukai. 

19 May 2014

Digging for Gold

Taurus time in the north is spring, a time to plant things for harvesting in the future.
This month in the Monthly Planet:

Digging for Victory
Resources - what are yours?
How does Jamie Oliver make the most of his?

Photo from almostperfectdog.com

18 April 2014

The Cosmos 'Does Time'

Or can we chose dates and times to start a company. And how can we choose a wedding date? The Aries Monthly Planet features a discussion on Electional Astrology - choosing the right moment.

20 March 2014

Power is the Drug

Pisces Ezine - shoes, addictions, feet, borders.

But mostly about Putin and our addictions to all things Plutonic - like power!

25 February 2014

Placebos, on knowing best and the Winter Olympics

Aquarius 2014 Ezine

A bit about the Winter Olympics
A lot about placebos - could astrology have a placebo effect?
Aquarians know best

And beware Venus in Aquarius...

17 January 2014

Tell me about 2014!

Astrologers have been waiting for 2014 for a long time. It's a turning point year.

Read why in the Capricorn Monthly Planet.

The US
and Yoda is right!