25 October 2011

Be interesting and synergistic

I love listening to business daily on BBC World service. Today Cindy Gallop was talking about how to rebrand yourself and how to gain a strong personal brand presence. She knows what she is talking about having years of experience in the field. I have been suggesting that astrologers need to manage the online image of astrology and not least themselves. I agree that we now have the ability to counteract, or at least put forward our views on of the amount of rubbish there is online about astrology - not to mention ourselves.

She recommends the use of Facebook to help you do business and to know what's going on. Be interesting and synergistic things happen. And be honest on your C.V. - it's too easy now to see who you really are!

Her talk is on the BBC site - her part starts at around 8 minutes in - until about 12:30. So a short but very interesting piece. One thing she says is needed is something I often help with. How to get your head around what you image and C.V. should be. Your horoscope is a great tool for this. If you are setting up a website for your business and haven't considered using a horoscope why not give it a try. I still offer a free half hour!

The Unsurprising Order of Being

The Libra zine is online.
The unsurprising or even unbelievable order of being is described in the order of the zodiac.

Are you doing things in the right order?
Does time really have only a forward sequence?
What do the new CERN tests imply?

13 October 2011


It's so nice when a plan comes together. I have been working together with Karin from Datbureau (design company) to create a new logo and image for one of my clients  - de WerkvloerCentraal. I used the horoscope and together with Karin's designer skills and input from the two directors we launced the new logo this week. The next stage will be to use the horoscope to help create a fitting website. It's great fun and it's even better because I really love what de WerkvloerCentraal (Work Floor Central) is attempting - to provide much better care for the elderly - starting by giving the people on the workfloor more influence. The strategy is based on solving problems that were highlighted in Anne-Mei The's book "In Death's Waiting Room". ( In de Wachtkaner van de Dood".)
Having just heard the BBC news about the problems in the UK with homes for the elderly, it's nice to feel that I am part of something that is ahead of other countries.
Everyone has been amazed at the input I could give from the horoscope and how easily the new logo was accepted. It gives a framework for discussion which is really helpful for focussing on the image of the company instead of everyone's taste! And speaking of which the cake was delicious!

7 October 2011

What will you decide in the coming years?

This was the question I posed last night at a seminar that Blanca Vergara and I did at the Lloyd Hotel.

"More than doers we are deciders" was the quote I started with. I couldn't find who said it, but whoever it was I agree. We are at a very big decision point in the world and what we decide does make a difference.

We had a lot of fun and great discussions, cocktails and dinner plus we tried out the beds during the tour of the wonderful Lloyd building.

I left the delegates with these suggestions of good things to do, particularly between now and in 2015...when these two planets are in contact with each other.

While Pluto in Capricorn 2008 – 2024

  • Take responsibility for the power you have
  • Build powerful structures 
  • Death of old structures - let them go gracefully
  • Building the new - go for it
  • Frugality rules - get used to it
  • Clear directed leadership find it, do it or follow it

Industries most affected amongst others: building, accountancy, Government

While Uranus in Aries 2010 - 2019

  • Fighting for freedom - yes you should
  • Pioneering rebellion in a good way 
  • Cutting edge innovation 
  • New awakenings - are you listening?
  • Honest competition 
  • Different challenges - take them on
  • Authentic leadership 

Industries most affected amongst others: butchers, surgery, Defence.
I also talked about the four types of leadership but that's one for the next newsletter - subscribe for free if you want to read it.