31 March 2012

Scary Photo

This morning I was reading my paper and having a coffee as per my usual Saturday morning ritual. I try to avoid the economy section as it is usually depressing, not to say repetitive.

However my eye couldn't avoid this photo (this one is from the euronews.com site but is almost identical to the one in the Volkskrant). It is taken at the meeting of European Finance Ministers in Copenhagen this weekend. 

The woman in red stuck me (Danish finance minister Margrette Vestager). My first thought was - here we go again, one woman amongst all those men. Even though women are better at running household budgets and are more trustworthy with microfinance projects, it's the men deciding the fate of our money. An old complaint - what's new? Now I'm not a fan of making quotas for women in top jobs - I think one should get a job on merit and on loving to do the work. I can live with the numbers for now.

However the scary bit was what I noticed when I took a closer look. There are some more women in there. One is just outside this frame but two are visible here. I didn't notice any of them at first as they are all dressed in black and grey.

With the current astrological alignments we are experiencing, I think we need to step into our power (Pluto) and be authentic (Uranus). We need to (and have the opportunity to) show our unique qualities. So come on you top women - get a grip! Follow Margrette's example and at least start by wearing something other than a man's suit! Or at least if you have to do that make it a colour other than grey or black. Please ..... we are sick of that same old same old. And you men - do you REALLY all like white shirts?

19 March 2012

Do we really have a choice? - on dolphins and going with the flow

In the last couple of months I travelled to Australia and New Zealand to give lectures and workshops. You may also have noticed I took a holiday from blogging and an Ezine. Both juxtaposition and I had a birthday down under so we deserved a holiday!
But I'm back and the Pisces Ezine is up, just in time. Spring starts tomorrow when the sun enters Aries. With Mercury going backwards it slowed me down a bit!

It's about:
  • dolphins
  • going with the flow
  • New Zealand - Christchurch in particular
  • is the choice ours?

16 March 2012

Carry on Women!

In 2006 two things happened.  One was that Natascha Kampusch escaped from captivity. She had been abducted years before and held prisoner - originally underground. Later, several similar cases repeated this theme. Elisabeth Fritzl came out of captivity in 2008 in Austria and in 2009 Jaycee Lee Dugard was found safe and well after 18 years of being held prisoner in California. Symbolically women are coming out of cellars since that time. And it continues. Literally and symbolically. (Poster from Daily mail site)

The other thing that happened in 2006 at the same time as the Kampusch case came to light, is that Ceres, which had been called an asteroid since about 1850, again became a planet. Originally on her discovery she had been called a planet. Now she is know as a dwarf-planet, although this is still controversial among astronomers. That puts her on the same status as Pluto who was demoted from a planet to dwarf-planet.

Most people would not link these events, but astrologers being who they are and believing in the creed "as above, so below", do.

In the myth of Ceres, Pluto abducts Ceres' daughter Persephone, and takes her underground. My take on this astrologically,  now that Ceres has equal footing with Pluto, is that women are getting prepared to come out and take on the men. In the myth, Ceres eventually takes on male power and negotiates to get her daughter back for at least some of the time. To me, one of the things that Ceres reclassification represents is a symbol of the next wave of the women's movement.

This video of Meryl Streep's tribute to Hillary Clinton, shows a woman working hard for women. It's a great video although the sound needs turning up. Hillary Clinton is just one among many others, but she is a very important role model. And a great Ceres symbol - a strong and powerful older wise-woman  It's our time!